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Minimalist Art and Photography

Each piece of art starts life as a photograph taken on our travels..  We then spend many hours working in the digital darkroom to present you with a stunning print, that would delight any location.  Our Original pieces are worked with watercolours and ink, and are mounted and presented in a beautiful, quality frame ready to hang on your walls.  Mounted, Limited Edition prints (max 50) are available to purchase.

Our current style could loosely be described as Minimalist, where we focus on simplicity, and slightly desaturated colours.  We concentrate on a subject and its details, on telling a story, and each piece fades to white around the edges, leaving the viewer wondering on what goes on outside the frame…  of a story yet to be told.

The style might occasionally change, depending on the subject, but this is to concentrate on the story being told and to maintain the atmosphere of the individual piece.

Every image worked in the digital darkroom contains many layers, masks, some textures and many, many hours of Photoshop.  Julia always enjoyed working in her “wet” darkroom,  in the days of film and large format photography.  Her children always enjoyed joining her in the darkroom creating their own masterpieces, and even today she still has a room with wires around the walls and clothes pegs where prints were hung to dry!

I was dragged “kicking and screaming” into the digital world in the early 2000’s when images from a professional fashion shoot touring the country for a national glossy magazine had to be with the publisher almost immediately.  Today, photographic processing is very different, but spending hours on the computer is probably safer than working with all the chemicals of times gone by!”
Julia Reid


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Anchient bridge in St Girons
Billy’s Cote, Edale
Bingley 5 rise
doxey pool
Edale church in winter
Gailey roundhouse
Heading down Grindsbrook
Into the woods. Peak Forest Canal
Lock 5 Bosley locks
No 3 Bosley locks
Peak forest canal (Marple locks )
Reflections at Bosley locks
stoke on trent
The lock keepers cottage
The old chapel Gabre Ariege
The old church, Gabre, Ariege
The old cottage, Ariege
The old packhorse route between Ollerbrook to Grindsbrook, Edale
the Path to smewhere new
Upper Peak Forest canal
The wharfingers House Bugsworth basin
towards grindsbrook from Grindslow Knoll Path
Gabre Ariege, France
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