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The Old Warehouse, Stoke on Trent


Artwork title: The Old Warehouse, Stoke on Trent – Reclaimed By Nature
Description: Print, mounted photograph, framed photograph, handmade wall art.


  • Printed on Canon premium matte archival paper using Canon archival quality printer inks
  • Available framed or as mounted prints ready for you to place in your own frame.
  • Free UK shipping

The Trent and Mersey canal plunges through the heart of the manufacturing district it was built primarily to serve, but that heart was broken time and time again with the age of coal giving way to the modern age and modern transport links becoming more efficient than the age of the horse drawn boats. In the past, the canal passed potteries and warehouses that were bustling with activity, boats unloading their cargoes.

It was noisy, they worked long hours, it was hard dirty work, and dangerous. Today those buildings lay derelict and lonely, waiting to be perhaps “transformed” into modern luxury residences…. like a phoenix from the rubble and graffiti.

I find part of that rather sad… a peek into our industrial heritage lost forever and “improved” for modern day life.

Every piece we create tells a story and fades into white, leaving the viewer with the impression of a world outside the scene, and a story yet to be told. In fact every piece comes to you with a story about it with an accompanying card with your wall art or on the reverse of the greetings card.

Each print takes many hours to produce, using layers, masks, overlay, textures and creative techniques to produce a fine art piece you will be proud to have in your home. We do not use automated processes of any sort.

Additional information


Miniature 5 x 3.5" print in a 9 x 7" mount, 8 x 6" print in a 10 x 8" mount, 10 x 8" print in a 15 x 13" mount

Framing Options

Mounted only, Mounted with white wooden frame

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